COMMIT visits phase is over

With the last visit having taken place at the beginning of April, the visits phase of COMMIT is over! 

Between September 2014 and April 2015, the 12 academic partners of the project have all carried out the peer learning visits foreseen by the project. Partners were visited by another partner and then visited a partner different from the one who visited them. Thus, each partner has had close contacts with 2 other partners in visits. The approach has been, from the beginning, to have a team of different people involved in each partner institution, with the aim of training not only an isolated person, but a group of people from the management team (in charge of LLL/CE/Outreach/Social Services), in order to generate organisational learning and reinforce commitment to change at institutional and organisational level.

Partners have discussed the 4 self-evaluation tools:

  •  The Strategy process Tool
  • The Strategy content Tool
  • The Charter Tool
  • The Attainment Tool

Soon a new phase of work will begin, consisting in a comprehensive analysis of the reports produced by partners after each visit. This will include an examination of the first 3 tools and a feasibility study on the 4th tool, in view of its wider use at national and European level.

The transversal analysis will be finalized by October 2015. An executive summary, a policy paper including recommendations, and a technical report covering the methodology and results of the data collection and analysis will be written and published.

To know more about the results of the transversal analysis, keep following the project activities at