COMMIT Final Valorization Event

The project final event was initially scheduled in Brussels and was supposed to take place on Monday 04 April 2016 at the Committee of the Regions.  Here you can access the programme of the Brussels event. Due to the consequences of the terrorist attacks that hit Brussels airport on 22 March 2016, this event was cancelled and later replaced by two activities:




Full Partners Meeting

Brussels 18-19 November 2015

The full consortium of COMMIT met in Brussels 18-19 November 2015. The group discussed the technical report and agreed on the basis for the preparation of the Executive Summary and Policy Recommendations. 


Progress Report

30 April 2015

COMMIT's Progress Report was submitted to the European Commission at the end of April. You can download the public part following this link.

In mid June the European Commission sent its evaluation back. The Progress Report had received 91% mark. The consortium is proud of the result.

Capacity Building Activity

Barcelona 20 May 2014

COMMIT's first activity has the objective to discuss with external experts the reviewed ALLUME tools and the new COMMIT tool for monitoring attainment in HE. The programme of this activity includes:

  • Gabriel DIMA (EU-USR project "Comparative Research on University social responsibility in Europe")
  • Karin DOLLHAUSEN (HEAD project "Opening HE to Adults")
  • Stephane LAUWICK (member of the BFUG Working Group on the Social Dimension and LLL)
  • Martin UNGER (PS4SD project "Peer learning for social dimension")

If you are interested in the work being done by COMMIT, please contact us and request to receive our news!